Rapper Chika releases unstoppable new track ‘My Power’


Words: Miles Holder

Seeing the wholly organic rise of Chika has been a wonder to behold these last few years. I first was introduced to the artist by her scathing freestyle over Kanye West’s Jesus Walks – it wasn’t the first of Chika’s freestyles to go viral and time showed it wouldn’t be the last. The freestyle catapulted Chika and her previously released music into the psyche of hip-hop lovers across the globe and it’s been amazing to see her blossom as an artist since.

Chika’s debut single ‘No Squares’ released in April of 2019, displaying singing talents previously only heard through her Soundcloud acoustic covers. The proceeding months would see Chika going strength to strength, be featuring in Calvin Klein’s #InMyCalvins campaign to a legendary Tiny Desk set (which still seems to go viral on twitter every month) – the future certainly looks bright for this Alabama-native.

Today Chika returns with her brand new single ‘My Power’ which features in Jamie Foxx’s upcoming movie ‘Project Power’. Hand-picked by Foxx himself to be involved in the project, Chika’s new track celebrates the power of perseverance. Flow on point and message clear as day, Chika has once again proved that both her songwriting abilities and rap skills are not to be ignored.

To truly recognise and celebrate this renaissance of female rappers pushing to the forefront of hip-hop music, you need to first get to know Chika and the talents that’ll take her to the top of the game.