[Premiere] Teddi Gold shares new hyper-pop track “Wink Wink”

The sound of bombastic horns and skittering synths serve as the bedrock of LA artist Teddi Gold’s new single “Wink Wink.” The hyper-pop track stylistically takes a nod to Gold’s confident predecessors of the genre, like Charli XCX and SOPHIE.

“Sonically, I had the idea to create a track that felt was like it was a Gwen Stefani or Fergie song, but with 100 Gecs woven in like the world was coming to an end and the music feels like it’s slipping off the rails,” Gold shares about the song. “I wanted the end of the song to be a departure from the track to make it sound how 2020 feels to me. Complete unfettered madness.”

“Wink Wink” appears on Gold’s forthcoming sophomore EP “Vol. 2” out October 8.