[Premiere] LA pop oddity Raven Artson shares DIY visuals for “Won’t Forget Just”

LA-based pop oddity Raven Artson refuses to be pigeonholed – directing his own videos and curates interdisciplinary shows with fashion designers such as Hardeman and Hanger Inc.

Today he shares the music video for his single “Won’t Forget Just.” The haze-filtered clip has several 90s callbacks – WordArt, a Volkswagen Cabrio. Providing a well needed dose of escapism, he tells us “it’s the perfect daydream. waking from a rave to meet up with your friends and do it all again.” He describes the song itself as an “ode to feeling like I belong, like I’m at home.”

Although often immersed in self-reflection, he is constantly looking outward at pop culture and underground art. With sparse guitar melodies, a razor-sharp drumbeat and an enigmatic vocal persona, the song is a collaboration with producer Mucky (Sevdaliza) and mixer Chris Coady (Beach House).

Raven explains “it was crazy and unexpected that two of my favorite producers were into my music and jumped on board. Their input allowed me to color outside the lines and helped me grow both as an artist and a person.”