[Premiere] Irish R&B singer Tolü Makay shares new single “Don’t Let Go”

Authentically soulful and blended with hints of Jazz, Irish singer Tolü Makay has a clear and confident voice leading the next generation of R&B artists. Today she shares “Don’t Let Go,” the lead single off her forthcoming debut album.

Lush guitar melodies and delicate piano chords anchor the track, which brews into an opulent master stroke. A deeply personal affair with lyrics that speaks directly to the heart, “Don’t Let Go” narrates her emotional transition from fear to hope.

“This song brought me out from a dark place when I needed it the most,” Makay shares. “Before I completing it, it was something I sang to myself often. After two separate breakdowns in the space of 4 months, I knew something had to change.”

The song comes with a vintage glazed music video by Fiona-Louise Ntidendereza and here, Makay takes us into her world, with 16mm film capturing her most intimate moments.

“The video is a day in my life, from my apartment, the messy room where I feel stuck, crippled with anxiety most days,” Makay shares about the clip. “But it progresses with joy and a realisation that things will get better That the doubt, the fear is temporary. I just hope it encourages people especially during this tough time where everything seems unstable that we will all be okay.”