[Premiere] Gilligan Moss goes tropical on new single “Ultraparadíso”

NYC-based duo Gilligan Moss takes us to beach on their new single “Ultraparadíso.” While everyone is still safely self-isolating at home, the song is a welcome retreat.

Combining rhythmic percussion, warm guitars, and an unexpected Paul Simon-inspired outro, “Ultraparadíso” harnesses a transportive summer feeling that more than matches the track title.

“We wrote this song as a postcard from a daydream,” Gilligan Moss share about the track. “It’s a song in transition caught between club-land and psychedelia, dream space and being awake. Our favorite music is transportive, and we just wanted to bring people from quarantine to not only a paradise, but an ultraparadise.”

Their first single release of the new decade, “Ultraparadíso” represents the beginning of a new chapter for the duo, looking to bring a much needed sense of escapism during these uncertain times.