[Premiere] Belgium artist Abraham Blue shares debut single “Hoops”

Meet Abraham Blue. The Palestinian-Syrian grew up in a small downtown apartment in Antwerp, Belgium and discovered his love of pop music through James Brown and Michael Jackson records. A chance encounter with Miles Davis’ “On Green Dolphin Street” at his uncles’ book shop gave Abraham appreciation for a broader spectrum of music, including Jazz, Brazilian Bossa Nova, ’90s hip hop, and classic soul. From there, Abraham immersed himself into learning how to play piano, guitar, bass, and drums, befriending local music stores to gain access to using their instruments after hours.

Before long, Abraham started writing his own songs and learning production through YouTube tutorials.Then an opportunity came up in a youth centre for troubled kids which included a small studio set-up. Abraham then began sharing some of his demos on Soundcloud, which quickly picked up attention from Soulection.

Abraham’s tough, DIY mentality and voracious appetite for music discovery has led to today and the release of his debut single “Hoops,” which he played, recorded, and produced himself. The accompanying lo-fi music video shows Abraham enjoying what many of us in quarantine are as a respite from being inside for too many hours – a unassuming game of hoops.