OBJ’s Fashion Off the Field

Odell Beckham Jr has been a style icon from the moment he was drafted into the NFL back in the first round of the 2014 draft. Everyone knows OBJ for his eccentric lifestyle, personality, and fashion sense. The depth of his wardrobe is matched only by the Browns and their chances of success this season.

The move to Cleveland in 2019 was a controversial one. OBJ had just signed a $95 million contract extension with the New York Giants before they decided to ultimately trade him to the Browns for a combination of players and a first round draft pick. Although this could be seen as a downgrade for OBJ, joining the likes of Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry, it gives the Browns an intimidating and dynamic offensive line.

In his first season with Cleveland, OBJ has seen his performance dip slightly. This could be owing to the fact that, whereas the Giants saw and employed OBJ as one of their main offensive weapons, the Browns have a different set of skills and playing styles at their disposal. OBJ has to adapt to these in order to continue his run of great form heading towards the post season and the Super Bowl.

Last season with the Browns he achieved 74 receptions totaling 1,035 yards, which is an average of 14 yards per reception. He managed to score 4 touch downs and caught higher than 50% of the passes thrown to him, showing that he is still an elite player regardless of the team he is traded to.

Browns general manager John Dorsey is a fan of OBJ and welcomed him with open arms to the team, saying, “He’s probably if not the one, one or two best receivers in the National Football League”

Whilst the Cleveland Browns are not expected to win the Super Bowl this season, they do have a deep bench to draw from. With the exception of the Ravens, Oddschecker have tipped a deep run for the Browns. Since OBJ’s move from the New York Giants to the Browns, the club has not been able to perform well. Here is a look at his wardrobe success off the field, with a hope that this can translate into victory on the field.

From that legendary one-handed catch against the Cowboys back in 2014, to being selected as GQ’s August cover story in 2019, OBJ has always found a way to remain in the spotlight of both football and the world of fashion. He’s continually pushed the boundaries of high fashion with every red-carpet event, fashion show or just the walk from the team bus to the locker room pre-game. For one of the last games OBJ played for the Giants, he was seen sporting a Tom Ford snake print jacket with matching headband, Christian Louboutin boots and Keiser Clarke jeans.

Another fashion statement made by OBJ was choosing to wear his $200,000 Richard Millie watch during preseason and for some games. For the average person, playing a full contact sport with a high likelihood of being crushed by someone who weighs close to or more than 300lbs seems ridiculous, but OBJ has found a way to match his outfits to his ego on and off the field.

The three-time Pro Bowler has found a formula that allows him to cultivate the success of being one of the most talked about and dominant wide receivers on the field. His conduct away from the game and his profession sees OBJ following the same route; he remains eccentric, daring, entertaining and, most importantly, popular and relevant. All of these are essential traits for a young football player such as OBJ with a lot of playing left in his career.

With seemingly countless outfit options at his disposal, OBJ and his fashion choices will continue to be talked about whether his form on the field dips or does not. One thing is for certain though – he has been a pioneer for fashion in the NFL and will go on to be one for many years to come, even after his retirement from the league.