FAULT Magazine Exclusive Interview with JONES


The voice of an angel – songwriting talents of a genius, JONES’ ability to both soothe your soul with her silky singing tones while creating music that explores sometimes difficult to discuss human emotion is why the world fell in love with the London based musician. Her debut album ‘New Skin’ released in 2015 was a diverse tapestry of songs and today JONES’ returns with new single ‘Camera Flash’.

Once again, JONES’ uses her writing talents to discuss a culture of quick and disposable romance delivered in a disco meets electro-pop package. In our new interview, we catch up with JONES to dive deeper into her songwriting process, musical journey and, of course, her FAULTs.


What would you say has been the biggest change in you as an artist since the release of New Skin?

I’d say the biggest change would be feeling less nervous about releasing music and trusting in what I do much more. At the beginning of the journey of releasing music, I was less ‘sure on my feet’ and would compare myself to others, but now I feel much more relaxed in what I do and trusting in my own style.

We’re going to hear more music throughout the summer, will this culminate in a new album?

Yes, there is an album in the works, I’m still very much in love with the concept of releasing an album – a full body of work that documents where you were in that stage of your life, personally, musically. They say that albums will become a thing of the past but I’m old-fashioned and want them to stay even if we are living in a singles world.

What’s been the hardest song for you to write emotionally?

There’s a song called Brittle which I was in tears as I wrote, and have kept the original demo vocal because it captures that raw emotion – usually I’ll re-vocal everything and discard the original takes but not for this song.
Check out JONES’ new music video for single ‘Camera Flash’ – Out Now

Are you regimented in your songwriting process or do you prefer to wait for inspiration to strike?

I think I’m somewhere in between – not regimented as I never want music writing to be a chore – I had a period of time where I was over-writing to the point that it was not enjoyable, felt forced and gave me anxiety about performing, so I have since made the promise to myself to write more intuitively and let there be spaces so that it feels inspiring and enjoyable. That said – you also have to make an effort and can’t sit around waiting for inspiration to hit all the time, you’ve got to put yourself into a state where ideas will form and flow.

What are you most excited for this year?

I’m just genuinely excited about sharing each of the singles that are coming, and putting them out into the world – I look forward to playing shows too but have no idea when that will be yet…

What’s the best musical advice you’ve ever been given?

“Don’t be afraid to feed your artistic fire” – it came at a time when I really needed to hear that and the words have echoed in my head ever since…

What is your FAULT

How long have you got ?! Haha…hmm I’d say worrying and being too over-analytical – stressing myself out.