24 Carat Gin – a drink worth its weight in gold

FAULT Magazine Reviews 24 Carat Gin

24 carat gin


While there might not be too much to celebrate about this year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treating yourself and those around you. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into 24 Carat Gin, the perfect gift for those with a penchant for luxury and a palate only for the finest of beverages.

Created by distilling and distribution company ‘Liquid Gold Alcohol’, every bottle quite literally contains a touch of liquid gold (hence the name). While the inclusion of liquid gold, elevates the product above anything else on the market in terms of extravagance, you’d be wrong to assume the creators stopped there.

Created in the UK, to polish every bottle needs more than 120 hours of work and refinement before they deem it ready to ship. A balanced mix of cardamom, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, coriander, French lavender and two different kinds of orange peel, it’s clear that the mixologists behind the product have spent many years perfecting the recipe.

24 carat gin

From studying the bottle and its presentation, it’s clear that the brand wants to stand out above its competition. In addition to this, we’re happy to report that they do so in the taste department too. The gin is smooth and is best enjoyed neat if you’re to enjoy all of the subtler flavours that bring the gin to life. We’ve tried many luxury gins over the years, and 24 Carat Gin certainly towers above their competition.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen gold included in an unexpected product, from facemasks to chocolate, it’s often an inclusion that raises eyebrows. However, 24 Carat Gin has made sure to differ from more gimmicky products by first taking the time to perfect their gin and presentation properly.

Arriving in its own decorated leather case and wonderfully designed bottle, everything about the product screams luxury and elegance. Wonderfully presented and expertly crafted, 24 Carat Gin is truly a drink well worth its weight in gold.

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