[Premiere] Anna Straker’s moving new music video for ‘London Knows’

Anna Straker


Back in April, fans of Anna Straker were treated to release of her infectiously catchy single entitled ‘Sweat’, the alt-pop club track made waves earning it Radio 1 airplay from Best New Pop.

Today Straker returns with a wholly new style of song, one that strips away the club lights, the noise and displays both her versatility as an artist but also a vulnerable side we’ve not seen before. Inspired by traumatising events, Straker channels her pain and feeling of displacement into a moving new track which explores a side of trauma recovery not often spoken about. Both song and music video are minimalist in production, creating an intimate atmosphere between listener and artist which further increases the track’s emotional impact.

“Last year, I was a victim of a sexual assault whilst on holiday in Bangkok. What started as a fun night out ended up with me being lost for hours, drugged with something so strong that I forgot my own name. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me and I was traumatised.

Coming back home I felt so different, London felt unfamiliar, and doing the things I normally did every weekend was suddenly triggering for me. I wrote this song about healing and the uncertainty of recovery. Knowing I was going to feel better one day but not knowing when, and hoping that London will eventually feel like home again.

During this pandemic, we have all felt these same feelings of uncertainty, hoping for the world to heal and return to normal again. I hope you listen to this song and remember that whatever the world throws at you, you can be whole again, you can recover, and you can heal.”

We’re proud to premiere the new music video below – check it out.