[Weekly Playlist] Taura

London-based singer-producer Taura continues to tease her upcoming EP “Lucky Girls” with the recent release of the music video for the record’s title track. The clip was directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Moon and is a transportive visual fantasy that sails through scenes denoting the seven deadly sins.

“We started the creation process playing around with the word ‘lucky’ and its associations,” Taura says of the filming process. “Moon then landed on the idea of ‘lucky number seven’. From this, we decided to loosely base each scene around the seven deadly sins, with an element of bad luck running through each one.”

Lyrically, “Lucky Girls” is a song about putting in the work into relationships. You know the story; being the one doing all the heavy-lifting, only to have it not work out. Putting up with the boy for the next woman to get the man. Women are the original builders! Also, sometimes it’s okay to be alone.

We asked Taura to put together some of her favorite songs to get cozied up to, either with a cutie or with a body pillow. Press play below.

Tamia – So Into You

This is my go-to whenever I don’t know what to put on. It’s so calming and has the perfect groove and if it was released for the first time tomorrow I think everyone would still go crazy for it. However I can’t not sing every single word every single time I hear it and I think it actually pisses my friends off a bit, so I have to listen alone.

Banks – Poltergiest

Banks is one of the biggest inspirations to me as an artist. She was the first person that proved to me you can leave a show actually speechless.

Victoria Monet – Ass Like That

This is my favourite song right now. I think the only thing I love more than Victoria Monet’s velvety smooth voice at the moment is D’Miles production. The perfect duo.

Frank Ocean – Self Control

Channel Orange was one of my absolute favourite albums, I believe the cover art might still be my twitter background from when I was 16, I should check that. Never thought he could top it, until he released Blond. Ugh. So good. This song reminds me of listening to the new album on the bus and getting to “Self Control” and playing it 4 times in a row.

Emawk – Someone

This song makes me want to cry. I love everything about it, the harmonies, the lyrics. “Gotta say, I’m mighty proud of what you’re turning into, Didn’t take the easy route, even if you meant to, Whether or not, we’re fate, or coincidental, I’ll always be in love with you.”

The 1975 – Sincerity Is Scary

Speaking of lyrics, The 1975. Surely they have some of the cleverest one-liners ever? They remind me of my sister, she got so obsessed with ‘Chocolate’ that she allowed herself a break from working every 10 minutes to listen to it with her full attention. Is that productive? Maybe.

Radiant Children – Poke Bowl

This is a Thursday night with loads of wine song. It’s easy listening at it’s absolute best.

Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

I feel like I was a bit late to the party with Sabrina Claudio but as soon as I heard her voice I was obsessed, and I feel STINT’s production on this track links so cleverly and beautifully with the lyrics. She also made me laugh between every song at her show which is pretty cool.

Rihanna – Kiss It Better

I am convinced you can listen to this song in every single mood. Also Rihanna is my childhood. Her posters covered most of my bedroom walls where I would spend all evening dancing around listening to Pon De Replay. She also reminds me of covering literally 6 Rihanna songs in a row at open mic nights in Birmingham when I was about 15. Hope the audience liked Rihanna.

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