[Weekly Playlist] Amilli

German newcomer Amilli recently shared her entrancing single “Alone In The Rain” with an accompanying music video. The single is her first new music of 2020 and the impressive follow up to the international debut hit “Rarri”.

Breezy and feel-good, “Alone In the Rain” is undoubtedly a refreshing and positive record that reflects both Amilli’s youthful playfulness and her expressive artistic independence – a relaxed yet confident commitment to making fresh new music on her own terms.

Growing up in a West German musical household, Amilli learned to play the piano at the age of seven, soaking up not only the jazz pianist passion of her father but also her mother’s love of choirs. There is an originality, elegance and anthemic restlessness that unite as Amilli’s soulful voice fuses R&B, soul and contemporary pop into soaring, smile-inducing choruses.

Her debut hit, 2019’s statement track “Rarri” taken from the EP “Wings” soared across the international blogosphere and radio airwaves with the power of her voice, the poignant subtleties and smooth piano led lullabies picking up an army of dedicated fans.

The relaxed timeless songwriting and production on “Alone In the Rain” is not only becoming the singer’s trademark, but a welcome pop aesthetic and centerpiece that reaffirms why Amilli is fast becoming this decade most promising newcomer.

We asked Amilli to share some of her favorite songs, including tracks from Frank Ocean, BENEE, Ariana Grande, and more. Dive in below.

Frank Ocean – Pink + White 

Frank Ocean is one of my favourite artists ever and this song is just heaven. I especially love the beginning with the strings and how the piano sounds.

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic

This is one of my favourite summer tracks that always puts me in a great mood. Childish Gambino is also one of the most unique and inspiring artists in my opinion. 


I just recently discovered BENEE and absolutely fell in love. Her voice sounds so sick in this song. 

Harvey Causon – London Stock

Such an underrated song and the production is insane.

Joy Crookes – Anyone But Me

Joy Crookes inspires me a lot and this song has a great message in terms of mental health. It was also the first concert where I went all by myself which was amaaazing. 

Tora – Similar 

Really underrated band as well. The production is sooo good and I listened to this at least 1000 times. 

Celeste – Strange

No words, favourite song of 2019 no doubt.

Ariana Grande – 7 rings

I had a major Ariana Grande fangirl phase when I was around 14 and to be honest things haven’t reeaally change that much, I’m still a huge fan!

Steel Banglez (feat. AJ Tracey, MoStack) – Fashion Week

I dance to this at least once a day in front of my mirror. 

Ezra Collective (feat. Loyle Carner) – What Am I To Do 

Jazz is something that has inspired me since I was a kid. Ezra Collective are so good that it kinda kills you and also who doesn’t love Loyle Carner.