[Premiere] Gus Harvey shares poignant music video for “Albion”

Rising British songwriter and producer Gus Harvey today shares the wistful music video for her latest single “Albion.” Directed by London based Netti Hurley, the clip is a solitary exploration of curious spaces around the UK, starting off in stark black and white before transitioning into vivid color.

In her words Gus shares: “We collected the reverb and echoes of abandoned UK buildings, the old Kray twin pub in Hackney and a disused church, and I was taking photographs of everything I saw.”

“Albion” comes off Gus’ forthcoming EP, which was inspired by her return to the UK from Berlin, where she lived whilst generating her previous EP film, TXC, with iconic British director Glashier (Bonobo, Fatboy Slim).

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