[Weekly Playlist] Ed Prosek

Today we’ve invited singer/songwriter Ed Prosek back to curate an exclusive playlist for FAULT. The Berlin-via-California artist has a knack for creating songs that come straight for the feels. Prosek’s latest single “Mercy” is an apt testament to his ability to craft songs touched with whispers of romanticism and that dance beautifully between acoustic and electronic elements. It then comes as no surprise that Prosek has garnered over 55 million Spotify streams.

“Mercy” appears on Prosek’s forthcoming EP “Flesh and Blood Part Two” and before its release, we asked the artist to put together a playlist of some of his favourite songs. Dive in below.

Emily King – Look At Me Now

Emily King has been one of my favourite artists and songwriters for a few years now, and this song in particular off of her latest album had a HUGE impact on me. Simple, direct and undeniably great.

The Wood Brothers – The Muse

I have spent the last 9 months telling everyone I know about this band and this song (not that they need my help). I can easily say this is my favourite song at the moment. Both the music and lyrics are fantastic, but almost everything off this album is worth deep diving into.

Gabriel Kahane – Little Love

I found Gabriel Kahane because he’s signed to Nonesuch Records, who also have some of my favourite American artists such as the Punch Brothers and A’oife O’ Donovan. Kahane’s lyrical content is some of the most captivating I’ve ever heard before and seriously influenced the way I do things.

Sylvan Esso – Die Young

I dig this song, once again its super simple, super direct and really sparsely arranged. The message is great: “I was gonna die young, but now I gotta wait for you ugh…”

The Barr Brothers – Songs That I Heard

TOTAL rip off of Simon & Garfunkel, but hey, I really love S&G so actually thats not so bad…
I don’t know what happened but I found this song and couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat for like a whole week, so I recommend you do the same.

Laura Mvula – Make Me Lovely

I always loved this song. I heard it the first time over 4 years ago and then forgot about it and then found it again recently only to realise how much it influenced me. She’s great, she’s weird and unafraid to let her ideas unfold in front of you.

Nao – Another Lifetime

WHAT. A. CHORUS. Also what a vibe.

Easy Life – Sangria ft. Arlo Parks

I don’t even love this song so much, it was just advertised to me on Instagram every time I logged in for a few weeks and by the end of it I couldn’t get that chorus out of my head. I cant say that I’m often compelled to do anything by social media or advertisement but this is the exception. Turns out its a pretty fucking cool song.

Georgy Catoire, David Oistrakh, Vladimir Yampolsky – Elegy in D Minor, Op. 26

Its a poorly kept secret that I’ve been writing a secret album of Piano music in my free time, and have even ventured into the beginning of some Violin Sonatas as well. This is an incredibly obscure recording of an even more obscure piece that I absolutely love.

For more music from Ed Prosek head over to Spotify.