Ryan Beatty Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT Magazine Issue 31 preview

Ryan Beatty X FAULT Magazine

ryan beatty

Photography: Robert baggs


 Words: Miles Holder 

The road to Ryan Beatty’s ‘Dreaming of David’ album wasn’t a straight line and as the album proved, the artistic journey should never be simple.

By allowing himself to try new creative avenues with his music, the album reintroduces us to a new, matured and more experimental sound that while a far cry from his original work – feels more honest than ever.

We caught up with Ryan for FAULT Magazine Issue 31, where we chat direction, his artistry and FAULTS.

ryan beatty

As you’ve grown, as has your creative direction, were you ever worried that your early fans wouldn’t be used to this new direction?

Ryan Beatty: The shift in direction was almost subliminal, I kept following certain sounds and themes that I naturally gravitated towards – if I made music solely for others expectations I would be lost and the music probably wouldn’t be very good. I trust myself enough to let myself run free


What was the hardest song on Dreaming of David to write?

Ryan Beatty: Lyrically, it was never extremely challenging for me. Although it was a meticulous process, it was still always enjoyable even when it took awhile to finish lyrics for certain songs. I wrote shimmer really quickly but then sat with it for a year, revisited the production heavily, added lots of vocal textures, wrestled diligently with the last minute of the song until it felt right. So I would say shimmer was the hardest but also incredibly crucial to the pacing of the record, so it was worth the fight.

Because your lyricism is so honest, do you ever feel anxious before releasing certain tracks and letting listeners into a private side of Ryan?

Ryan Beatty: No.


What would you say has been your greatest moment on tour?

Ryan Beatty: When I’m on stage I either feel deeply connected or disconnected with myself. Sometimes I feel entranced, very aware with myself and in tune with my brain + body and connected to the crowd. Those moments are why I love to perform. I’m still figuring how to always tap into that.

ryan beatty

With life sometimes moving so fast, do you get a chance to take in and realise all your achievements – or are you always on to the next thing?

Ryan Beatty: I try to appreciate everything as much as I can but I’ve realized I don’t count my achievements in numbers. I have to keep moving or I’ll always be distracted by something. It’s a nice pause and show gratitude though.


What’s been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to climb on your musical journey so far?

Ryan Beatty: Feeling like I’ve had to prove myself, and having no expectations for myself.