[Premiere] Swedish artist Cimón is here to remind you that money isn’t everything

Former boy band member turned solo artist Cimón today shares a new single “MAE” – Money Ain’t Everything. A poignant reminder that there’s more to life than the rat race of chasing the hustle. The Swedish-born artist still holds onto his pop roots, evident in the polished production and hook-laden chorus of the song.

MAE was written by Cimón and produced by Gino Nano. He explains: “This song is about letting people know that money ain’t everything. I feel like people nowadays tend to forget things in life that has so much more value than paper. I’ve always wanted to pull in the urban direction,
towards hip-hop and R&B. However, lyrics that are full of bullshit, saying that you have a fat gold chain or a hundred girls, have never interested me. My drive comes from my need to constantly create and develop in my music as an artist.“