[Premiere] Raphaella delivers a simmering new R&B single “Closure”

London based artist and FAULT favorite Raphaella today returns with her first single of 2020 called “Closure.” The R&B-tinged single is a slow simmer before coming to a boil in its electrifying chorus. The song is made further intoxicating with the addition of vocals from Nambyar. “Closure” is the first song from Raphaella’s forthcoming EP and comes on the heels of her latest feature, co-write and vocal production for “One Night” with MK & Sonny Fodera.

Speaking on “Closure,” Raphaella shares: “I wrote ‘Closure’ on a writing trip to Amsterdam. I’d produced the track a while back in my Shoreditch studio and felt there was something special about it that I loved, but never quite managed to write something on it that I loved as much as where I’d taken the production to. So, it sat on my hard drive for about six months until my last day in Amsterdam on a writing trip. I wanted to create a really different soundscape, so instead of using traditional percussion I chopped up piano samples and pitched them to create hits, and recorded both myself and Nambyar at different speeds and pitches to create harmonies and layered vocal textures so you can’t fully tell at which point it’s either a female or a male voice.”

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