Boy In Space Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT Magazine Issue 31 preview

Boy In Space X FAULT Magazine



Words and Photography: Miles Holder

Robin Lundbäck, more commonly known for his stage name ‘Boy In Space’ is an intriguing songwriter who we’re sure to hear a lot more of this year. His singles 7UP, Drown and On A Prayer (feat. SHY Martin) have amassed hundreds of thousands of views online and as his fanbase continues to grow so has his ability to conjure vivid imagery and convey deep emotion through his lyricism. 

We caught up with Boy In Space while he was on tour to find out more about one of this year’s most exciting artists. 


You’re on a long European tour right now, do you take easy to life on the road?

Boy In Space: I like it because while the bus is moving I’m asleep so it’s cool to wake up in a different city like “wow I’ve never been here before!” It’s sick because we get to see cool stuff and explore a little. 


When you’re performing support on tour, I imagine it’s the first time that a lot of people are hearing your music in person. What’s been the most surprising reaction?

Boy In Space: It’s funny because I get both sides, a lot of people are saying that they” ve never heard my music before but after watching me play, they love it! But I’ve also had people who have listened to my music from the beginning which is surprising to me because I didn’t expect that at all. I see people in the crowd singing along to my lyrics and that’s just crazy and I find it pretty cool. 


Do you have a strict songwriting process or do you prefer to let inspiration come to you?

Boy In Space: I let it come to me and see what happens. I do like to be a little bit structured sometimes. If I’m not feeling it that day I set myself a small goal of just finishing certain parts to a song. But sometimes it’s just nice to let it flow and fall into place.

During writing periods I get stuck into a playlist of different things and listen to the songs over and over again. I don’t think I have a certain pattern that I go after, I just write music and separate myself from the world a little bit. 


What are you excited to release this year?

Boy In Space: I will be releasing a body of work this year, whether that’s an EP or an album I don’t know yet but I will release something more than just a single. 


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Boy In Space: To never stop writing. I think a lot of artists get stuck in the whole touring or being on tv thing and they just want to go home and rest when they have free time. I’m always going to try and put in writing sessions everywhere so I keep the flow going and don’t get lost. 


Where does the name Boy In Space come from?

Boy In Space: I started as Spaceboy and I was playing around with the name a little bit and I like the band First Aid Kits so I and my colleague were talking and they said “Boy In Space” and I felt it had more of a mature sound and more of the indie vibe that I was going for. It also fits in with my personality more, my brain is always my own space and I always go there when I need to create and that’s what I’m trying to do with my projects, show off my creativity. 


What is your FAULT?

Boy In Space: Keeping connected to people, I’m really bad at that. I should pick up the phone to text people to keep in touch.