Willie Jones Interview and Photoshoot for FAULT Magazine

Willie jones


Words & Photography: Miles Holder

We’ve been following Willie Jones’ career for some time; so much so that had you told us that 2019 would have seen the charts dominated by with a hit country music song by a young black artist- our money would have been on it being a Willie Jones hit. Despite this, Willie Jones is a true country music star – all the more happy with the added attention 2019 has brought to the country music scene.

“I love it, I think the more eyes, young eyes in particular on country music can only be good for all of us musicians”

His most notable hits to date ‘Down For It’ and ‘Bachelorettes on Broadway’ are amazing examples of how he able to blend classical Country music themes with an upbeat modern sound for all to enjoy. Released late last year, his single ‘Whole Lotta Love’ sees him flex his vocal muscles on a more soulful anthem that shows off just how much range he has as an artist.

We caught up with Willie Jones to discuss his plans for 2020, toughest hurdles so far and his FAULTS.

Willie jones


Do you ever worry that your live performances might be too modern for the traditional country music listeners and too country for the pop listeners?

No, I don’t think my music is too modern for country music or too traditional for pop because I’m doing something that feels good to me…I don’t think you can make music to please everyone else otherwise it will stifle your creativity. I make music to please myself. I use music and live performance as a therapy to get through situations and hopefully, it can also help someone else.

What’s been your hardest hurdle to climb? 

I think it might be that I can be my own worst enemy at times..but at the same time, you can also be your own best friend. I went through a point in my life when I didn’t like myself because I wasn’t being truthful with myself about my shortcomings and I needed to grow as a person. I realised that not being real with other people and holding back your feelings, only means you start to bury things deep down inside which isn’t good for anyone. So I’d probably say my hardest hurdle is learning about myself and getting over my fears.

What exciting projects do you have coming out this year? 

The tour with Logan Mize, C2C – I have my first album coming out  – I’m so excited!
I’ve also been working with some amazing country producers and hip hop, rap, pop producers that won’t even be on the album…!

Would you say being exposed to the music industry in your late teens helped or hurt your musical progression?  

I think it helped because I was young, very excited, life hadn’t beaten me up yet so I could enjoy it! I also learnt a lot during that time and made loads of great friends. I’ve been able to watch my friends grow and achieve their dreams and I’ve also seen friends crash and burn, getting distracted in LA-  people can get lost with all the going out.  I did end up on the party scene for a while but it was like college for me…and now I’ve graduated from college! I’m now doing music for a living and just want to focus on growing from here.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

I don’t think I really have one? We all feel misunderstood at times but that’s fair enough as I don’t necessarily understand everyone else all the time – so I can’t expect everyone to understand me! I’m a really complex person at times. I’m not trying to prove anything to anybody so hopefully, I don’t think anyone has any misconceptions as such.

What is your FAULT?

This might sound a bit stupid but sometimes I can show people too much love?  I’m a really open person and I just let people in and then I realise that maybe they don’t deserve my energy, but I’m working on that! And maybe I’m too honest at times!