[Weekly Playlist] 24KGOLDN

West Coast rapper 24KGOLDN first came on our radar when we heard his 2019 single “Workin'” on New Music Friday. We were instantly taken by the hard-hitting rap track about grinding it out. Also can’t go wrong with a little New Orleans Bounce influence. To date, 24KGOLDN has accumulated over 200 million streams and shows no signs of stopping .

Now, “City of Angels” – cut from his acclaimed debut EP “Dropped Outta College” – is unquestionably having a significant moment. Currently rising in the Official UK Charts and the Spotify Global Viral Charts, the teenage rising superstar finds himself climbing up the Top 100 of the Spotify Global Chart.

We asked 24KGOLDN to put together a playlist of some of his favorite tracks and no surprise, he’s included some of his own hits. Listen in below.

24KGOLDN – Valentino

A life changer. It took 2 years from writing this song to seeing it blow up but was well worth the wait. If it blew up when I was in high school I don’t think I would have been ready to handle everything that comes with having a big song.

Akon – Lonely

When my first girlfriend broke up with me in 6th grade I was simpin to this everyday. It’s funny now how with the whole self isolation and quarantine thing going on, this song is relevant to my life again.

Drake – Over

Drake is definitely one of my favorite artists of all time and this was the song that introduced me to his music.

24KGOLDN – City of Angels

It felt so good seeing this song get the attention it deserved. Nobody at the label believed in it at first so I had to blow it up with my own money and marketing. Once the numbers started running up and everyone was behind it, it took off even more. This is going to be a global hit.

Kanye West – Paranoid

808s and heartbreaks was the first Kanye album that really captured my attention. I felt like I knew what he was talking about even as a kid. It just evoked so much emotion and the sounds he used blazed the trail for a lot of this generation’s artists.

Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love

I remember when my Dad would pick me up from preschool and play this song on this little blue MP3 player he’d connect to the car. Still a slapper to this day.

ASAP Rocky – Fashion Killa

This song sparked my interest in fashion. I was looking up all the shit he was name dropping and researching it heavy as a middle schooler. Without Rocky I don’t know if I would be the young fly pretty nigga I am today.

Sir Mix-A-lot – Baby Got Back

This was the first song that I knew word for word every single lyric. To this day if someone put a gun to my head and said you gotta sing a song all the way through, this is the song I’m putting on.

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

I sent this to my 5th grade crush thinking I was sooooo slick ahahah. Shoutout to Lauren for being a good sport.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Watching the Michael Jackson’s greatest hits music video VHS compilation tape is a childhood highlight of mine. This song particularly just stood out because of how sick the video was. The zombies coming out the grave and hitting coordinated dance moves is golden, no pun intended.

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