Got lost in Adidas wonderland as you stepped onto the scene out of a light drizzly night in New York City, and into their 5th Avenue Flagship store. Greeted with this vibrancy, and electric fervor, it was instantly gratifying and whipped a surefire quick smile on my face.

Jennifer Laurantius of JVLAURNT

Swirling the room in search of upcoming streetwear designer, Jennifer Laurantius of JVLAURNT and her collaborative team effort design showcase and winners for the “CHANGE IS A TEAM SPORT” campaign in the Intro to Genderless Fashion Design Program; I soon turned the corner into a buzzing colorful blue green lit aura beat of excitement and the ultimate pair of oversized classic white and black Superstars.

A fitting stage of brilliant designs and the team ‘The Outcasters’ were one of three celebrating a gifted win. With wise guidance from instructor Olivia OBlanc, designer of Adidas & Kendall Jenner, and hosted by Chinae Alexander, ‘The Outcasters’ quickly ushered in a supportive and eager fan base, with guests already asking where and when this genderless street threaded vision could be purchased.They drew inspiration from the epic truth and realness of midnight in NYC and its original night crawling hustlers reflecting each of their stories. With essential classic details including tech and reflective wear fit to serve a purpose and support the active lifestyle that beats within veins and roots of NYC.

‘The Outcasters’ undoubtedly captured the audience and illustrated the great importance and significance of equal contribution in ideas, execution, logistics, support and collaborative mixing of ideas and greatness.

All winning styles will be displayed at the Adidas 5th Avenue Flagship store.

The Outcasters | David @vol5k | Daryl J. @styledbydarylj | Jennifer Laurantius (JVLAURNT) @jennifer_laurantius | Manny @inkredibletaste | Tara @taraisanartist

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The Outcasters | Chinae Alexander | Olivia OBlanc