[Premiere] MID CITY’s “Forget It” is a devilish rock experiment

Melbourne rock four-piece MID CITY crash into 2020 with their new single “Forget It,” which we’re premiering this morning. Inspired by a romantic rupture that ended on very bad terms, “Forget It” moves at a feverish pace and is soaked with earth-shattering soundscapes and hard-hitting percussion.

Lead singer Joel Griffith explains the song is inspired by a case of gaslighting that continued long after the relationship in question was over. “The scary thing was, I ended up gaslighting myself. I’d be telling myself stories that convinced me I can’t trust myself, I can’t be angry, I can’t forget her. That she was right. I kept stoking the desire in myself against my own best interests and it was knotting me up tighter and tighter. This song is as much me shaking myself by the shoulders as it is, hopefully, a story to help others. It’s ok to trust yourself. You do know what’s best for you.”

“Forget It” comes out ahead of MID CITY’s summer tour that include both European and Australian dates.

“Forget It” Tour:
May 2 – Live At Leeds, UK
May 3 – Liverpool Sound City, UK
May 5 – Old Blue Last, London, UK
May 7 – Milla, Munich, GER
May 8 – Galao, Stuttgart, GER
May 9 – V11, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
May 11 – Nochtwache, Hamburg, GER
May 12 – Privatclub, Berlin, GER
June 12 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, AUS
June 13 – Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast, AUS
June 27 – The Curtin, Melbourne, AUS
July 3 – The Chippo, Sydney, AUS
July 4 – The Stag & Hunter, Newcastle, AUS
July 8 – North Gong Hotel, Wollongong, AUS

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