L Devine FAULT Magazine Issue 31 Covershoot

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L Devine

Photography: Jack Alexander
Styling: Ella Gaskell @stella Creative Artists
Hair And Makeup: Daisy Holubowicz
Fashion Assistant: Bella Field


Words: Miles Holder

L Devine might still be an emerging young talent however her songwriting skills are impeccable and show a maturity far beyond her years. Her lyricism is sometimes cheeky and other times ironic but always a wondrous display of storytelling. We caught up with her to discuss her songwriting, new music and musical journey so far.


You’ve mentioned that you were in a rut while writing Boring People, how do you break through that barrier when the words don’t flow naturally anymore?

L Devine: When I wrote ‘Boring People’, I felt like I was writing the same stuff and stuck in this routine. I think when you go through something like that you just need to keep writing and know that there’s going to be one song out of twenty that you love. I think that you just need to be consistent and do your thing. You also just need to live more experiences and have a moment with your thoughts to process everything that you’re going through.

L Devine

Do you seek out inspiration or try to let it come naturally?

L Devine: Inspiration can strike at any moment so I always make sure I have my notepad or make a voice note on my phone. I’ll be in the studio and sometimes I don’t have anything to write about that day and I’ll get on the mic over a beat and just hum. Sometimes a word will pop out and I’ll make a song out of that – it can be completely different each time.


There’s so much pressure on young artists to endlessly release singles and it’s in a brutal industry – how do you stay grounded through it all?

L Devine: There are times when I feel like I’m under a lot of pressure and I think a lot of people in the industry feel the same way. I’m so lucky that I love what I do and songwriting and creating music is my main passion. I think that as long as I know that I can still do that, then I’m cool. I just have to make music my number one focus and I know I’ll be fine.


With spending so much of last year focused on songwriting, how does it feel to be heading out on tour soon and to finally perform your songs live for your fans?

L Devine: I consider myself a songwriter first but, in saying that, there’s nothing Like performing live. It’s a completely different world. The feeling of performing songs to people who have come to see me and hearing them sing back my words is unexplainable. It’s crazy and I’m still getting used to it. I only really started playing shows in the summer but it’s something I’m going to keep working on. It’s a very different process to songwriting but I love being able to meet people and give something back to them because they make it all possible.

L Devine

What are you most excited for this year?

L Devine: I’m so excited to put out new music. I’ve been waiting for a while to put out all the music I have been working on and shoot music videos. Also, being able to sing all my songs on tour will be unbelievable.


What’s the best part of your musical journey so far?

L Devine: My second EP, Peer Pressure. I was proud of my songs and it represented who I was. Also last year I got on BBC Radio 1’s playlist which was a big one for me because my parents understand it! They don’t have a clue about streaming but when I got on that playlist and I rang them up to say I was on the radio – they were made up!


What is your FAULT?

L Devine: So many! I’m so bad at doing my washing and I’ll leave it until the very last possible minute. I can’t believe I’m admitting that! I don’t smell I promise! It goes for all chores, that is my FAULT…