[Premiere] Witch house meets hip hop in J F L E’s “I Lost My Way”

South-East London electronic producer J F L E (born Joseph Edwards) combines eerie, witch house inspired synths with hip hop beats. J F L E is carving out a niche for himself in the bedroom pop landscape, imbuing every release with an intimately curated narrative with grief and loss at its artistic core. Today the 26-year-old shares the single + music video “I Lost My Way,” a song that deals with the all-consuming feeling of lost love.

The video is interspersed with VHS camera shot home footage of loved-soaked events throughout a couple’s wedding day while J F L E looks on. Forlorn and dejected, J F L E is reminded of his own personal tale of unrequited love.

“Everything that I write in one way or another seems to deal with feelings of loneliness,” J F L E says of the song. “It drives and informs everything I create, right from inception. So I better cross my fingers that I don’t meet the right person I guess!”

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