[Premiere] Kenichi & The Sun’s music is abstract electronic “Splendour”

Percussive flourishes, swirling synths, and haunting vocals come together to form abstract, electronic bliss in Kenichi & The Sun’s music. Formed in 2019 as an evolution of former dark-pop act Miss Kenichi, creator Katrin demonstrates a flair for the experimental in her new project.

Today we’re premiering the music video for her single “Splendour.” The clip depicts the devotion, love, sacredness and struggle between human beings and the forces that either drive us apart or towards each other. It´s a look inside a person’s soul; profanity and sacredness, chaos and harmony, success and failure, human and divine, feminine and masculine.

“I wanted to create entity that does not exist alone, but only in togetherness, that reflects the light of feminist movements, of pop culture and art history, of theatre, of literature, poetry, and magical practices, but also the futuristic light of new, awakened society.”

Directed by Adrian Künzel, the video mainly features the strikingly powerful performances of Li Kehua and Motoya Kondo. “Splendour” appears on Katrin’s forthcoming album “WHITE FIRE,” due April 3rd.