Eyewear Fashion to Look Out for in 2020

Nothing can completely change your look and vibe like a new pair of glasses can. It can take you from preppy and intelligent to cool and sophisticated without a single change to your outfit. Glasses can also be used to accentuate or highlight certain features or even make subtle changes to the shape of your face.

2020 sees quality materials and elegant designs making a bold yet refined statement in glasses. Here we take a look at some of the styles to be on the lookout for in order to stay on point with emerging trends.

Eyewear Fashion to Look Out for in 2020
Eyewear Fashion to Look Out for in 2020

Frame Materials

Translucent frames look set to stay, but with a difference. This time you will see bold tints and colours like burgundy, grey, rose, champagne, citrine, green, and browns which can all be used to coordinate an outfit or simply as a bold statement. These frames will look even more on trend when paired with steel or titanium in gold, silver or gunmetal. Don’t let your choices stop there as metals will be stepping out in shiny finishes or with a brushed patina.

Wooden frames have been around for a while, but now they are hitting the high street in a range of colours including purple, grey, and black.
Tortoiseshell has stood the test of time, but this time, it’s getting a re-vamp with vibrant, lively colours as well as the more traditional horn-rimmed.

Frame Thickness

Be prepared to ditch the middle of the road frames that we are all so used to and make a statement with extremely thin or extremely thick frames for your glasses. It’s all about turning your back on the perceived norms this year and standing out as the exception.

Thick frames should be in light pinks, champagne, burgundy or green and include subtle details and textures to really bring them to life.
Thin frames look to go translucent acetate in a variety of colours and sit comfortably in combination with titanium temples.

Frame Shapes

Keep up to date this year with either perfect round or a round aviator style, or even the teardrop, which isn’t perfectly round. Not quite Harry Potter, this shape is elevated by the use of translucent frames in a variety of colours to make them pop.

Cat Eye frames remain a classic for the ladies, but are better and bolder than ever before, with bright colours and varying sizes that can complement your face shape.
Geometric frames can help accentuate facial features and come in a number of shapes to suit your face including square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal. Available in a variety of colours depending on whether you want a bold or understated look these work well as an everyday accessory.

Shake off the norm with an odd shape or size. Go for a look that is bold and rebellious with an unconventional appeal. Think oversized or slim size and dare to be unique in your choice. Going against fashion is the new fashion.

Crystal glasses are staying in vogue with clear colours and a sharp finish for a sleek, classy look.