[Weekly Playlist] Kyra

West London R&B artist Kyra is ready to stampede into your heart. The charismatic singer’s vocal acrobatics are unparalleled in her latest emotionally charged single “Stampede.” Explosive instrumentals built on jazz inspired percussion and unruly synths serve as the perfect backdrop for this rising star.

Speaking on the track, she said: “Stampede is about someone or something that literally crashes into your life without warning or permission. It’s impact is profound, like a stampede. Although at the time I wrote it about being caught up in my feels about a guy, the meaning of the song has completely transformed to become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Stampede” is the second single from Kyra’s forthcoming EP “Xanadu” based on the movie of the same name. Borrowing from Greek mythology and the nine otherworldly muses, one of whom travels to Earth to inspire a human but ends up falling in forbidden love. Delicately woven throughout the EP, it’s a thrilling concept for a debut body of work and a marker of Kyra’s artistic calibre.

Ahead of her EP release we asked Kyra to put together a playlist of songs that inspired the record, which of course includes the Olivia Newton John x E.L.O. single “Xanadu.” Dive in below.

Joseph Lawrence & The Garden – FADE
The Garden produced the majority of my forthcoming “Xanadu” release and is such a prolific producer and special friend, so I’m a little bias on this one, but definitely for good reason. This track just makes me FEEL. Joseph’s vocal is insane. His voice gives me chills and the production is so sick. They shot a live video to this, which is all the right amounts of raw. It’s nice to be a fan of your friends.

Michael Kiwanuka & Tom Misch – Money
This is such a feel good slap it on a Sunday morning, cook a veggie breakfast and clean your yard kind of jam!! It makes me feel good and has such a genuine throwback feel without feeling too dated or cornballish. My definition of a banger!

Willum Maindo – Garnish
I only recently discovered this track and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. This jam is 7 minutes and 15 seconds of pure dreamy cry your eyes out soulful goodness! I’m a fan of any artist that defies the format of a conventional 3 minutes 30 second song. Everything about this is fresh to death and the song takes you on a journey with tasteful segways into musical magicness. Just stunning.

Olivia Newton John, E.L.O – Xanadu
This song and movie inspired my forthcoming EP, so it’s a very special song to me. I’ve been obssessed with the narrative, a story of nine Greek godess muses who come to earth to inspire – pretty much my whole life. E.L.O’s songwriting, concepts, harmonies and production all take me to outer space and I’m so here for it. I incorporated that otherworldly feel throughout my production and storytelling in my EP, “Xanadu”. I’m a massive Jeff Lynne fan.

Kelis – Glow
Kelis is so understated yet out there. It’s an oldie but this record does it for me everytime. Produced by one of my favs Raphael Saadiq, this could be re-released today and still sound so current. I love the production on this, the chill groove, laid back vocals. It’s lush.

Arlo Parks – Cola
This was one of my fav tracks of 2019 and artist discoveries. She’s a real songwriter with a delicate but deliberate stance and her vocal delivery is effortless.

Kojey Radical feat. Amaarae – Sugar
Kojey is one of my favourite wordsmiths of our time. I’ve been listening to his “Cashmere Tears” LP on repeat and this is one of my favs. It’s jazzy, classic, soulful beautiful music with words of wonder from Kojey.

Goldlink feat Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince – U Say
This is a jam. I repeat this is a jam. It will never not be a jam.

Celeste – Summer
I’ve always been captivated by vocals more so than production, so it’s no wonder I’ve been drooling over Celeste. She has one of those voices that make you stand to attention. Her tone is graveley yet sweet and there’s a wonderful classic element to her sound. I love her artistry especially her visuals. No 1 fan girl!

Billie Griffin – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain
This song is a completely nostalgic choice; it reminds me of my Dad and being with my brothers and sister as kids listening to his record collection and dancing around in our front room. It brings back a happy yet emotional time in my life. This is one of my all time favourite songs, ever. The falsetto lead, the vocal arrangement, the groove, the key changes aahhh it’s just soo good.

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