[Premiere] Robotaki shares buoyant and summery new single “Dreamcatcher”

Canadian DJ/producer Robotaki (born Preston Chin) has a penchant for melding experimental beats with ever so catchy melodies to create impressively layered soundscapes. Today he shares “Dreamcatcher,” the second single from his forthcoming debut album. The release of the single also comes with the incoming announcement of his spring 2020 tour.

“Dreamcatcher” is a luscious single overflowing with buoyant, summery synths. Laced with featured singer Miko’s sugary vocals, its hedonistic grooves pulsate and warp before exploding into a shuddering climax of ethereal strings and glossy electronics.

“When I produced ‘Dreamcatcher,’ l was drawn to the idea that it’s only through other people that we’re capable of truly understanding ourselves and our dreams” Robotaki shares with us over email. “The right person in your life can help you realize your dreams, not necessarily because they’re directly involved with them per se, but because that person can inspire you to live without fear.”

Listen to “Dreamcatcher” below and stay tuned for more from Robotaki as he preps his debut LP, out March 27th on Foreign Family Collective.

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Photo by Domenic Lisi