ODEEH Emerges On Top From Berlin Fashion Week

ODEEH fashion week


Words: Miles Holder

ODEEH, the brainchild of designers Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich was previously one of the designers I knew little about. After their AW20 show, I’m glad to say, we will certainly be keeping our eyes on.

A diverse collection in both style, materials and colour, 2020 is set to be a vibrant year for ODEEH. While this may be Berlin, it’s great to see shades of green, purple and floral prints used in the collection.

ODEEH fashion week

The collection’s tailored looks were a big highlight, their single and double-breasted suit combos, were strong and exuded confidence while remaining feminine and comfortable fitting.

ODEEH fashion week

Other huge highlights were their dresses and gowns that shone their way down the runway. Both the belted and unbelted looks were again tailored to so elegantly, truly making this collection a must-have for later this year.

All in all, we are extremely impressed with ODEEH AW20 – the designers managed to create such a varied collection which still flowed. All pieces no matter how different still complimented one another and for our first foray into Berlin Fashion Week, ODEEH has emerged as one of the strongest brands this season.