[LISTEN] Alicia Keys Drops New Single Co Written by Ed Sheeran



FAULT Favourite and 15-time GRAMMY Award winner Alicia Keys has just released a new music video for her new single entitled “Underdog”! With writing credits from both Alicia and Ed Sheeran, it’s a sure-fire hit from the get-go. 

Reminiscent of Keys’ 2009 hit ‘Superwoman’, which was an ode to women all across the globe being heroes in there own way, Underdog is dedicated to “the hustlers trading at the bus stop, Single mothers waiting on a check to come, Young teachers, student doctors, Sons on the front line knowing they don’t get to run, This goes out to the Underdog.” 

While much of Alicia Keys’ work has always been in celebration of the determination and resilience of the everyday person, the song is uplifting and features the staccato verses and guitar strums of many of Ed Sheeran’s penned hits. 

In Alicia’s own words “Some people may think of the word underdog as a negative word but I see it as a powerful word representing people who may be underestimated and yet still rise to the challenge and exceed expectations,” said Alicia. “I love this song so much because it’s about real life and real people and our experiences. We’ve all been in a place in our lives where we’ve had to defy the odds. It’s never easy. One of my favourite lyrics in the song is, ‘They say I would never make it but I was built to break the mould.’ I don’t think there’s a person on the planet that hasn’t felt that way.”

Alicia Keys and miguel

Underdog is taken from Alicia Keys’ seventh studio album which will feature previously release ‘Time Machine” and “Show Me Love” which saw Keys teaming up with another FAULT Favourite – Miguel. If it wasn’t clear, we’re very excited about this album and you should be too! 

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