[Premiere] Novaa shares introspective new single “Drones”

Novaa’s clear voice channels emotional intensity on her new track “Drones,” which we’re premiering today. The Berlin based experimental pop artist enthralls listeners with this ethereal piece that floats seamlessly over atmospheric electronic beats.

Taken from her brand new album “The Futurist” due early next year, “Drones” follows on from her recent single, “AI Am In Love.”

“When I wrote ‘DRONES’ I was in the middle of having a panic attack,” Novaa tells us about the genesis of the song. “I was stressed, felt wired, smothered and tired. There already was a song that I wrote about drones, but I felt like it was missing emotion and in that moment the chorus lines of the new drone song came to me out of nowhere and very natural. I wrote and produced this song in roughly a day. Even though it’s about drones, it also talks about anxiety and feeling pressured.”

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