Weekly Playlist: Surfaces

Surfaces is the project of Texas-based best friends Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank who’ve recently released the music video for their single “Sunday Best.” In the video, the boys of Surfaces break up the boring 9-5 with a slew of party favors and good vibes, ultimately bringing the office workers to their feet for a massive dance fest.

“Sunday Best” comes from the band’s new album “Where the Light is”, released earlier this year. The song reflects the group’s spiritual beliefs, along with the joy and compassion which fuels the project. “It’s just something we believe in,” says Forrest, a self-taught musician – like Colin – who grew up surrounded by music, singing in the church choir. “These are things I’ve picked up through my faith, which is very real to me, but I don’t want to preach. The lyrics are an expression of my heart.”

We asked Colin and Forrest to share some of their current favorite songs, some of which inspire “Sunday Best” and their new album. Tune in below.


Jack Johnson – Do You Remember

I basically grew up on Jack Johnson ever since I got my hands on my very first iPod. His music is so warm and nostalgic, always taking me back to childhood memories with every riff. To me, this is the perfect love song… a song I’ve admired since it first touched my ears.

John Mayer – The Heart of Life

John is without a doubt one of the most iconic musicians to ever touch a guitar, always inspiring with his craftsmanship. The way he encapsulates feeling and emotion made me want be a songwriter. From a young age, this song really encouraged me to write music that would heal in the same way, to make listeners feel better throughout the course of life.

Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing

Kevin Parker’s sound design is something that continues to baffle me every day. No matter how many times I listen to Currents, I somehow always hear a new sound in there. I’ve always been able to relate to his feelings on growth and closure on this track… his introspective writing is so riveting to me.

Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

In my opinion, no one captures nostalgia better than Frank. I’ve never seen a sharper sword than his pen. This song just takes me to a different place… a place where I can take in my past with comfort and reflect back with a special kind of sentimental feeling.


Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke

Stevie is so real. Such an accomplished artist…It’s tough to pick a single track from him, but this one is just iconic. This song has one of the warmest hooks of all time, and it can’t help but inspire me to want to make music with a similar feeling.

Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know

“Oooo heyyyy” This song and I go way back. Every time I hear it my mind is flooded with good memories: driving through Seattle, beach fires, rooftop conversations, dancing in the kitchen. Definitely my favorite Erykah song and one of my favorite J-Dilla flips.

Real Estate – Easy

This song will never not make my road trip playlist. I started listening to Real Estate about 5-6 years ago and the same songs still have never gotten old. It’s just the ultimate windows down driving song with a perfect blend of easy going nostalgia. Makes me want to enjoy nature and feel the wind.

Beach House – PPP

This song…where do I start…I literally lived in this song for like 3 months straight. It’s a fairly melancholy song that pulls me into a really nice relaxed state of mind. I think the trippier side of the music I like to make is directly inspired by this track. I still remember hearing the outro for the first time and forgetting where I was. It’s perfect.

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Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli