Weekly Playlist: Odette Peters

Yesterday was National Redhead Day so we’re celebrating a new favorite of ours – meet Odette Peters. The 21-year-old Manchester native recently introduced herself with the debut single “What A Lovely Day,” a tune that’s dressed in a smoke-y jazz club vibe. Having grown up on a soulful diet of Nina Simone and Diana Ross, Peters naturally gravitated towards creating neo-soul music herself.

Currently writing and recording with the likes of Charles Watson (Slow Club) and Maths Time Joy, this first musical offering is written and co-produced by Peters herself.

Speaking on the track, Peters says: “What a lovely day is a very open and honest song. It talks about the importance of conversation with substance. It’s about breaking down the stigma of being able to openly speak about mental health and wellbeing. The song is a way for me to open up, in a way than can encourage people to open up themselves too. I just want to start conversations!”

We asked Peters to curate a playlist of songs that inspire her. Check out her picks below and be sure to catch her at her headlining Folklore show tomorrow. Tickets are available here.

Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

Thanks to my mum, I grew up on a diet of Tracy Chapman among others which has truly served me well and been hugely influential regarding the music I create now. The more I come back to re-listen to all of the work Tracy produced, the more I realise how ahead of her time she was – particularly lyrically. So powerful and strong.

D’Angelo – Ain’t That Easy

A windows down in the car kind of song.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Mas Que Nada

This one gets me out of bed in the morning. I don’t know the translation for the lyrics but I also kind of want it to stay that way, I’m worried if I ever find out the meaning I won’t love it as much – ridiculous, I know but the naivety is weirdly nice!

Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side

I think “Walk on the Wild Side” is a necessary part of anybody’s musical education. A classic.

Angie Stone – Pissed Off

Angie is one of my favourite artist ever, her album “Mahogany Soul” is the kind of album I listened to once and knew it’d be something I’d be listening to forever, you know? Timeless.

Sahra Gure – Better Dream

I haven’t stopped listening to this song since it came out. I think there’s this weird thing with music (and art, actually) where a lot of people only think they can show big love for a song or artist when they become really popular. It’s like they need to see the rest of the world listen first and confirm that it’s as good as they thought it was! Doesn’t that seem weird? I’m sure there’s loads of complex psychological reasons for it but I am so the opposite of that. I’m seeing a really mad amount of friends and people I’ve met along the way working on and putting out into the world such beautiful projects, it’s impossible not to share them! There’s just so much exciting stuff coming out of London at the moment. “Better Dream” is one track I’ve definitely been shamelessly playing on repeat and sharing.

Moonchild – The List

Good for anytime of the day or mood or season kind of song!

Pyjaen – Nah

My mate Ben (who often plays with me at shows on sax and keys) is part of something really sweet with Pyjaen. This is my favourite track of theirs and I’m really excited for what they have to come.

Jill Scott – Take A Long Walk

Going to end with a little groove from Jill, can’t go wrong.

Keep in touch with Odette Peters on Spotify.