The Best UK Universities to Study Fashion At

Fashion degrees have flourished over recent years, with the boom in influencers contributing to increasing numbers of students wanting to study fashion. The influencer market has been growing steadily in recent years, and is now expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period between 2019 and 2027, and many young budding entrepreneurs are now keen to enter this flourishing market. Other popular careers in fashion include designing, dressmaking and marketing, giving students keen to work in this exciting industry extensive choice when they explore their future career path.

When choosing a degree in fashion, it’s important that students take into account a number of factors and thoroughly research the establishments they want to attend before they select the best one for them. There are many ways to earn a degree in fashion, and many different establishments that offer degrees on the subject, meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re looking to earn a degree in this fascinating subject. Here are our top picks for the best UK universities for budding fashionistas looking to get ahead in the fast-paced fashion market.

Northumbria University

Located in the bustling city of Newcastle, Northumbria University offers a four-year sandwich course that will give students varied knowledge and essential experience in the fashion space, allowing them to move forward and achieve the career they want. The city has a vast array of shops that showcase every aspect of fashion: from independent stores through to designer labels, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city.

Middlesex University

Renowned as one of the fastest growing young universities in the UK, Middlesex University is a progressive university based in Hendon, London. The establishment offers a range of fashion degrees that will suit a variety of students and help them to enjoy a fulfilling student experience and gain the skills they need to excel in the fashion industry. There are loads of great student halls in London for those looking to stay in this diverse and dynamic city, with providers like Collegiate AC London offering great amenities and social spaces for students keen to enjoy a great time as well as put in some hard graft.

Loughborough University

One of the top ten universities in the UK, Loughborough offers a range of textiles degrees that will give students a practical understanding of how fashion is crafted. With an incredible campus boasting modern facilities and a range of societies, there’s something to suit everyone at this vibrant university so that every student that attends will leave with practical life skills and an expansive network of contacts as well as a degree that will propel them to success in the world of fashion.

Manchester School Of Art

As the name suggests, the Manchester School Of Art focuses on creative disciplines, including fashion, allowing students to learn about how to craft and design incredible fashion that will stand the test of time. Based in Manchester, a modern city filled with creativity and style, this university is perfect for those who want to unleash their artistic flair.