[Premiere] MARG shares her sophomore album “The World Keeps On Moving”

22-year-old Chinese-American newcomer MARG grew up around the world. From Argentina, to China, to Connecticut, South Carolina, and finally Los Angeles, MARG’s varied experiences growing up would inform not only her worldview, but her music as well.

MARG discovered her passion for music at a young age when she started playing violin in her community orchestra, which then sparked interest in piano and it wasn’t long before she started writing songs herself, scribbling lyrics whenever she could find time.

Today MARG shares her sophomore album “The World Keeps On Moving,” a collection of dark pop tinged tracks made complete by her captivating lyrics and catchy hooks.

Speaking of the record, MARG says, “This album is significant to me because it shows a lot of growth personally in my lyrics and sound; especially from my first project. I was in a really dark place mentally writing/making this album a few years back but the record in general holds a very deep place in my heart reflecting a time period of growth and self discovery as a human being I’d never take back.”

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