[Premiere] Louis Prince shares emotional music video for “Lounging”

Last Gang Records’ newest signing Louis Prince today releases the music video for his song “Lounging.” Directed by Corey Waters, the clip immediately pulls you into a tense argument between a man and a woman. The woman, crippled by the one-way conversation, decides to escape their house and runs out into the wilderness. What follows is an attempt at reconciliation expressed through an interpretive dance between the two characters, set in the bleak nothing-ness of a rural landscape.

“[The video is] an examination of the doubt and fear we face when leaving what’s comfortable and familiar,” director Corey Waters says.

Prince further adds:
“While writing for the record there was a month last summer where I felt crippled from pressure/anxiety just being in the studio I have in my house. To try and escape that feeling, I moved everything out of the studio and crammed it into my bedroom. I wrote this song during that time. I struggle with letting go of control and accepting what I’m feeling in the moment. I like to think this song is calling out those feelings and acts as manifestation of that time where I accepted what was going on and moved through that feeling in the way I needed to.”

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more music from Louis Prince as he preps his debut album, due next year.

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