[Premiere] London’s Philip Brooks shares dream pop single “so long, see you someday”

22-year-old London based newcomer already counts girl in red as a fan and today, he’s got one in us as well. In his new single “so long, see you someday”, Brooks find himself stuck amidst the turmoil of a millennial on-off relationship. A song sparkling of nostalgia and introspectiveness, Brooks attempts to make sense of the ‘break-up-to-make-up chaos’ and pain of modern dating.

“I feel like I need someone to hold, but I know that’s wrong”, he admits over a pounding four-on-the-floor beat and shimmering synths, showcasing pop sensibilities seen in the likes of Lorde and The Japanese House.

“You can get super addicted to the intimacy and familiarity of having someone – or anyone really, and like almost anyone I feel terrified of the idea of being alone, but that’s just so unhealthy”, he elaborates on the topic.

“so long, see you someday” is the final single before his debut EP “Half Alive In A Dream,” due out later this month.

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