[Premiere] Introducing Elme

Meet Elme, the project of Melbourne based singer/songwriter and producer Thommy Wilson.

With a vocal character rooted in singer-songwriter origins, his sound has evolved to blend elements of electronica and pop with his love of acoustic guitar and piano. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, musical and otherwise, Elme has a penchant for lyrical introspection and melodic nuance all perceived through the lens of someone with wisdom beyond their years.

Today he shares his second ever single, ”Kids,” a stirring slice of alt-pop with a slight sprinkle of ’90s inflected guitar.

“‘Kids’ is about trying to remember the sense of fearlessness we have as children when we’re faced with life’s challenges as adults. With this, I wanted a nostalgic feeling to permeate the production and tried to make a feature of the drum and bass style beats that I liked when I was growing up.”

For more music from Elme head over to Spotify.