[Premiere] Hi Frisco shares psych dreampop debut single “Snowfall”

Warped synths, psych guitars, and multi-layered, anthemic choruses make up Hi Frisco’s debut single release “Snowfall,” which we’re happy to premiere today. The song’s intense, disorientating structure with hypnotic melodies give a hat tip bands like MGMT and Flaming Lips – it’s an intoxicating listen.

Named after a greeting from the novel, Atlas Shrugged, Hi Frisco is Henry and Felix, who have produced for acts including Say Lou Lou, Babehaven, and YAK. The pair started running in the same circles in London towards the end of 2017, and when Henry casually showed Felix some of his demoes, the two hit it off creatively immediately. They bonded over bands like Love, The Beatles, Kinks as well as current bands like Metronomy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Caribou and this lead to the conception of Hi Frisco.

Of “Snowfall” the band had this to share:
“The song came from being in a state of flux and the end of an era, struggling to make sense of what I wanted to do next. Lyrically, it reflects where I was at the time, feeling lost, but hopeful. We gradually found a sense of direction through experimentation.

When we started the track, it started off much more stripped back and straightforward than it is now. We used live drums and bass, which then morphed into this weird Childish Gambino style bass and crunchy drum loop that you hear today.”

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