Men’s Style: Fabrics You Should Be Incorporating Into Your Wardrobe

Fashion means different things to different people, and for many it revolves around catwalks, big name brands and celebrity endorsed labels. Whilst some clothes travel in and out of style, some are truly timeless, and in every wardrobe it’s important to have a good combination of both. Having staple items that you wear regularly saves you money and reduces the amount of waste you produce. Many fashion staples can be incorporated into different looks with ease so that you always get the best out of everything you own.

When you’re looking to invest in clothes you can wear time and again, one key consideration is the fabric you choose. There are loads of different types of fabric out there, so here we’ve rounded up some of the essentials that every stylish man should own.


When you think of wool you probably think of thick, warm jumpers, but there are many other uses for this natural fabric. Wool is used in trousers, vests and even suits, and its ability to absorb colours makes it perfect for those looking to make a real statement with their outfits. There are many different types of wool, ranging from blended, cheaper fabrics through to the expensive Merino wool, which comes from a specific breed of sheep and is renowned for its breathability and warmth. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that you take good care of your woollen garments. Being made of natural fibres wool is prone to shrinking or tearing if not properly washed and maintained, so make sure that you learn how to care for your new woollen garments so that you always look sleek and stylish.


One of the most durable natural fabrics on the market, linen is renowned for making beautiful suits that will look smart and stand the test of time. Lightweight, crease proof and generally just great for summer lounge suits, linen is the perfect fabric for those who are keen to keep cool and still look stylish. There are a range of linen suits on the market that’ll suit everyone so that you can find the perfect cut and colour to meet your needs.


As well as jeans, denim is perfect for jackets, shirts and even bags. This strong, durable fabric is great for those who want to invest in quality wardrobe staples that’ll last for years with the right care. Alongside the classic blue denim, the fabric can be dyed a variety of different colours to suit any style, so that no matter what look you’re going for you’ll always be able to find a denim product to fit. Many quality designer brands, such as EDWIN who are the home of Japanese Denim, offer a wide range of stylish men’s denim clothes so that you’ll be spoiled for choice when you shop for denim pieces to add to your wardrobe.


A natural fibre, cotton is a soft material that is used in a variety of men’s clothing, including quality shirts that will be both comfortable and presentable. Breathable and absorbent, cotton needs to be washed less frequently than most fabrics, but it also requires proper care so that it retains its colour, size and shape, so always make sure that you take good care of your cotton garments.


Despite falling out of favour over recent years thanks to the rise in veganism and animal activism, leather remains a great choice for those looking for a natural, quality fabric. Leather jackets are the best bet for fashion-focused men looking to switch-up their wardrobe and inject some sleek style. Leather is also commonly used in trousers, but these are incredibly fitted and can look tacky so wear at your own discretion. If you do wear leather choose a natural colour like black or tan rather than a dyed option so that you preserve the fabric’s natural stylishness and own a garment you can wear with anything.


A woven fabric usually made of another natural fibre such as cotton or wool, flannel is durable and makes trendy shirts. A timeless staple for those that want to look rugged and relaxed, flannel shirts are strong and comfortable. As well as shirts, flannel is also commonly used in comfortable pyjamas for those who want to feel snug as they sleep.


From the same fabric family as velvet, corduroy might seem old-fashioned, but it’s durability and comfort has led to it becoming a key part of many mens’ wardrobe. Often used in trousers, you can also buy corduroy shirts and even suits made of this tough fabric. Corduroy absorbs colour well, and as such it is often dyed a number of bright and exciting colours, making it the ideal fabric for those looking to show off their unique sense of style.