Fault Magazine Photoshoot And Interview With Martin Jensen

Top – Martins Own


Photographer – Jack Alexander

Fashion Editor – Edith Walker Millwood

Grooming – Shamirah Sairally 

Shot at @Espero Studio


I really wanted to entertain people. That is the main reason why I started dj’ing, because I thought it was an easy way to get into something where you could entertain people, and I always had a good taste in music. I really loved being in the centre (of attention), and that was what dj’ing was about. I didn’t have any influences (in the begin), not that anybody didn’t say anything, that was just not that I looked at, at the time. I was studying to be a mechanic at the same time I started dj’ing, so it was more focused on doing the mechanical stuff.


Jacket – Rag and Bone
Top Rag and Bone
Jeans – All Saints
Trainers – Adidas Yezzy Boost 350

What I currently your main challenges as a DJ?

Martin: I think the most challenging thing is the lack of sleep, because of all the touring you have to do, or are doing. You might not see your family for a while. But it all comes with great success because if I didn’t do it, I couldn’t travel the world and couldn’t make people happy around the world. I’m super happy for everything I’m doing out there. I really have nothing to complain about


What is about dj’ing compared to something else like producing or singing that makes it interesting for you?

Martin: When I have to go on stage as a DJ I’m the only one, I don’t need a band or 20 singers, there is so much stuff I don’t need to do as a DJ. Everything lays on my shoulders if I perform a bad show. With a band, if “my drummer” have a bad day it could be ruining my whole show, but here it is only me and I really love that challenge.

Jacket – Rag and Bone
Top Rag and Bone
Jeans – All Saints
Trainers – Adidas Yezzy Boost 350

What do you usually do when preparing for a set?

Martin: Normally I really don’t do that much. I look a little into my computer, getting a vibe of that party we are going to. Otherwise, I just grab the bull by the horns when I’m at the club and see where the vibe is going. I’m still one of the guys, the old school DJ’s, that plays a little bit of the hip music, playing on the flow, so if the club is more into the hard stuff I play more to the hard stuff and if it more into the soft stuff I play more to the soft stuff.

I front of such a huge crowd how do you feel when you are dj’ing?

Martin: I love it. But it actually doesn’t matter if it a huge crowd, if they don’t react to the music. I actually play a club in Washington called “Soundcheck” the energy of the club, maybe 500-600 people, was so much greater than any giant show I have played out there. So, it is really about the energy of the clubs, that can even take my set to a better place because I’m very carried away when people are having a good time then I’m having a good time too.

Blazer – Remus Uomo
Hoodie – Scotch and Soda

You are a producer and DJ, where do you feel much comfortable, in the studio or on stage?

Martin: I definitely feel much more comfortable on stage. I’m a super extrovert, and I love to be surrounded by people all the time. So, sitting in a studio by myself or if I’m in a session with a few people, it is not like I’m bored, but I definitely find the most love for the industry and the music on stage.


There are so many music genres also new ones. That’s the lasted music trend in Denmark?

Martin: I’m not really that into the Danish market, to be on honest. I think that right now it is the rap/urban thing


Jacket – Barena Venezia
Top – Martins Own
Jeans – All Saints
Trainers -Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

Now that you are a successful producer and DJ, what advice would you give to your past self?

Martin: Nothing, because if I would go back and say some stupid shit now that I have learned, then I would never have learned them. And then I would have to take them for granted if someone told me. And then I maybe wouldn’t have done it. I really enjoy all the bumps I have hit though me developing as an artist and DJ. So maybe other “Dude, you have no idea what you are in for” then nothing.


Lastly, Martin, what is your fault?

Martin: I drink a lot of Coke (red. Coca Cola). I drink a lot of Coke, I really do. And then I buy way too much tech-gear, like if there is a new phone, I buy it, if there is a new computer, I buy it. So that I probably my fault.