FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview with BenjiFlow

BenjiFlow X FAULT Magazine


Ahead of his sold out London show on Nov 28th at Camden Assembly, FAULT Magazine sits down with musician Benji Flow to meet the man behind the music.


Jumper: Barena
Trouser: Pop Trading Company
Sock: Calvin Klein
Trainers: Nike

Photographer – Sophie Mayanne @Kayte Ellis Agency

Stylist – Allison Pemberton

Styling Direction – Edith Walker Millwood

Photographer Assistant – Anna Peacock 

Words By – Hailey Johnson


You’ve mentioned before that your debut single was the end-product to a night of eating KFC and Mario Kart…With this in mind, how was the background like for your latest single, “Can’t Lose”? Was the process as whimsical, or were you planning it after all the huge recognition that came from “Deep End?

It was definitely the same process. I was probably eating food just before I made this song, Ragz came over again and we wrote again! Never ever any thought around it.


Tell me about the night you performed “Can’t Lose” for the first time. The energy within the video for that performance is so loud and warm.

That was a beautiful moment. Nothing but energy was in that room, the funny thing is with Deep End’s live performance, I did the same process by putting the word out on my socials that if they like the song, come down and hear it live! But for “Can’t Lose” the number was like triple the number of people that turned up for Deep End. I was shocked, but everyone had the same energy and it became a beautiful night. So now when you come to my shows, be prepared to jump!!


Jumper: Barena
Trouser: Pop Trading Company
Sock: Calvin Klein
Trainers: Nike


How about the origin of BenjiFlow? Did you have any runner-up names you were fiddling with, or did you know immediately that was the one?

I knew BenjiFlow was the one, I don’t think about things too much. Just gut feeling and go!

After entering the music industry as a producer for a few artists, you then decided it was time to shake things up and do your own thing. Were you afraid to take that leap into the unknown? 

Probably when I made the decision in my head, however as soon as I tell my friends the idea it was certain that this was definitely what I should be doing from ages go.


Jumper: Scotch & Soda
Jacket: Scotch & Soda
Set – Barena
Trainers – Novesta


How’s the new music sounding, by the way?

I think the new music sounds like a timeless intro to the world…

Jumper: Scotch & Soda
Jacket: Scotch & Soda
Set: Barena
Trainers: Novesta


Any chance we’ll be getting a taste of it sometime soon?

By the time this is out you would have heard the new music! Tell me what you think!?

Set: DBX
Jacket: DBX
Socks: Calvin Klein
Trainers: Nike


How’d you get hype before a performance? 

I get quiet…

Shirt: All Saints


What’s your all-time dream venue?

Hmmmmm, a venue I build myself.


Jacket: Prevu
Set: Prevu

Finally, what’s your FAULT?

I’m not very good a replying, to anything, ever.