Watch Doja Cat’s Devilishly Creative New Video For “Rules”

Doja Cat’s rise to stardom might not have been the usual tale we’re used to hearing, the determined rapper continues to go from strength to strength and with the release of her latest music video for single ‘Rules’, the success train is showing no signs of slowing down. With her sophomore album ‘Hot Pink’ only one month away the LA rapper has kicked the creativity gears up a notch with this stunningly creative new music video.


The devilishly creative video takes us on a journey through the desert, courtroom, some sort of snake-infested backroom and concludes with an explosive performance worthy of the queen Angela Bassett herself. Honestly, summing up the epic-ness of this video in words will never do it justice so click the video above and let us know what you think.

If Moo0!, Bottom Bithch or Juicy is anything else to go by, we’re anticipating Doja to have yet another hit under her belt which makes us even more excited about her upcoming album.