[Premiere] Berlin’s Ed Prosek shares music video for “Killing Me”

Berlin based singer/songwriter Ed Prosek’s latest single “Killing Me” is a pop-rock amalgamation with multi-layered choruses that make the track truly anthemic. Sharp arrangements, guitar-heavy indie sounds and wobbly electro beats serve to elevate his haunting voice.

“‘Killing Me’ is a raw expression of my emotions,” Prosek shares. “Most of the time I’m a very upbeat person, but every now and then I have to dig deep and let some shit out.”

Today we’re happy to premiere the music video for the track. Starting off in Prosek’s home studio in Tempelhof, Berlin, the clip shows Prosek sitting at an upright piano and framed by a sunlit window. It’s a captivating image that’s beautiful in its simplicity.

“Killing Me” is the first track from Prosek’s forthcoming debut EP. See him on tour in Germany as direct support for The Strumbellas.

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