Fall in love with Imogen Mahdavi’s pensive pop

London-based singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi masterfully weaves soulful 60s inspired pop with modern concepts, penning songs that are equal parts confessional, cinematic and pensive.

Her latest single “Rock The Boat” is a perfect example of her delicate and thoughtful artistry. The track sees Mahdavi’s ghostly vocals laid over a beautiful piano piece before fading out with an unexpected yet delightful trap beat.

“After focusing so much on romantic love, this was the first song I wrote about a family member,” Mahdavi says of the song. “We’ve finally reconciled after many years of resentment towards each other. It’s about keeping this good path that we’ve worked so hard to get on and not fall back into bad habits in the way we used to treat one another. They’ve struggled with mental health problems and coming out of a phase in my life with bouts of anxiety I realised life is too short to hold grudges. We have a new understanding of each other, and I hope this new phase in our relationship lasts a lifetime.”

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