[Premiere] Emily Krueger dances on her own in “Can’t Trust Nobody”

Canadian alt-pop singer/songwriter Emily Krueger lands today with her second ever single “Can’t Trust Nobody,” accompanied by a dark and delicious music video.

Pairing dreamy guitar riffs and delicate vocals, ‘Can’t Trust Nobody’ is a mesmerizing song about moving on and being okay on your own. In the vibrant music video, directed by Mika Matin, viewers find Emily dancing throughout her home, showcasing her captivating guitar skills and spilling secrets of broken love through her lyrics.

“I wrote like it could be about a relationship, because it is, just with the music industry,” Emily tells us over email. “Most of the time people just want to gain something out of you, blow smoke over the truth and sell you like coke. Can never really trust many people, but it’s so easy to fall in the trap of it all and can’t even trust yourself”

Watch the music video for “Can’t Trust Nobody” below and stay tuned for more music from Emily as she plans to drop her debut EP later this year.

Photo credit: Timothy Fernandez
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