Belstaff Podcasts Series delves into the Unknown Paths of Key Figures from the Film and Music Industry

New and engaging listening material is a valuable commodity, especially when we’ve more content to enjoy than we can possibly get through. Fortunately, there are excellent podcasts being released all of the time, and a few of them are short enough to get through on a single train journey or commute in the car.

Clothing manufacturer Belstaff have caused a stir with the release of their ‘Road Less Travelled’ series of podcasts. Dedicated to those who venture from the beaten track, it features interviews with stars from stage and screen, each conducted by Reggie Yates. Each of those interviewed has been a trailblazer in their own right, but Reggie himself is no stranger to forging his own unique path through the world. As you might expect, then, there’s been quite a lot of interesting insights in the three podcasts released thus far.

The first in the series showed enormous promise. It featured Stanley Tucci, a writer and actor who’s survived everything that Hollywood has thrown at him. He’s found work in scores of films, ranging from the Transformers and Hunger Games series to the Miyazaki classic The Wind Rises.

Jacob Anderson, AKA Raleigh Ritchie, is an actor and musician best known for his role as Grey Worm in ‘Game of Thrones’. In the second podcast, he discusses his formative years, which he spent as a kind of ‘self-imposed longer’. He looked at music as an escape from the pressures of the world, and often retreated to his school’s music room to work on his creations, before venturing into London to pursue a career aged just seventeen, and battling with loneliness in spite of the number of people surrounding him.

The third in the series has maintained this high standard. Naomie Harris OBE has starred in James Bond films, as well as the Oscar-winning Moonlight in 2016. In the podcast, she discusses her progress from a community drama school to Cambridge University, and then to the silver screen. It’s an unlikely progression that required setting a few precedents along the way.

Of course, as well as dealing with their personal stories, a little bit of fashion gets a mention, too. Each of the interviewees were seen in Belstaff’s groundbreaking AW19 collection from leather jackets to dresses, and snapped by celebrity photographer Greg Williams in stunning black-and-white. The final two podcasts feature Andrew Scott and Emma Mackey. The first has just been released and the last of the series will go live on 4th November.

New episodes drop every Monday, and they’re the perfect antidote for a miserable commute. If form is anything to go by, they’ll provide the inspiration you need to take a fresh approach to the challenges in your own life!