3 Gift Ideas from the Heart for the Special Woman in Your Life

Gift giving: It’s one of the best and worst parts of any relationship. It’s great, because who doesn’t want to get something nice from their partner? But it can also be the pits, because it can add extra pressure to big moments that are already stressful enough.
But don’t worry — there is hope. If you think about it and distill gift giving down to what is actually important, it becomes a lot more simple. That doesn’t mean it will ever be easy. Having the right mindset, however, goes a long way to making that special woman in your life happy.
To better understand the what, why and even when of buying gifts, consider the following recommendations before making your next purchase.

1. Personal Touch

What’s the one thing women always complain about? What’s that? You already forgot? Well, that just proves her point: You don’t listen. That makes now the perfect time to prove her wrong — and knock her socks off in the process. Almost always, the best gifts are those that come from the heart and demonstrate something of a personal touch.
Sure, when a gift is expensive and objectively desirable, she definitely will be happy to have it. Who doesn’t want a great watch or a new computer? But when you get her something she mentioned in passing six months ago or something that you — and maybe only you — know she will love, it’s so much more meaningful.
It may be a specific lamp she pointed out in a store window, the jacket she’s been talking about for months, that exact brand of makeup she loves, or just some bland household item you know she keeps forgetting to replace. The “what” really isn’t all that important. The key, however, is to demonstrate that, yes, despite all the other evidence, you actually do listen to her and understand what she wants.
Along the same lines, be sure to pick up something for her any time you’re away on a trip. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or even cost much. Because what you’re really bringing back isn’t an item; it’s a symbol that she was on your mind while you were away. And that will always be the thing she wants most.

2. Classic Standbys

There’s definitely something to be said for trying to be personal, unique and clever. Done right, it can be a home run that she’ll remember forever. It’s really tough to beat.
Then again, you might also mess up royally. “Oh, this was the jacket you said you hated? I’m so so sorry.” Avoiding this type of outcome is one fantastic reason why there is also so much to be said for the classics.
Women love flowers. So, get her flowers. You really don’t need to overthink it. This will be like you getting tickets to the ball game or a bottle of your favorite alcohol. There is no way to screw it up. And while flowers have pretty close to a 100 percent approval rating, you can also go with chocolate, wine or candles.  Mix and match — or get all four — if you really want to prove your love, and then throw in a handwritten card if you want to go for that next-level extra touch.

3. Spice It Up

Intimacy is one of the greatest joys a good relationship provides. So, why not get a gift that’s a bit intimate? Even women who are a bit buttoned-up in public still want to feel desired by their partner. And there is no better way to show that then buying her lingerie or a bra and panty sets. A matching set not only tells her what you want to see, but also will help make her feel confident and sexy.
The only thing to remember is that it’s important to understand both the nature of your relationship and her comfort level in the bedroom. If she has a bit of a wild side, lean into that and don’t hesitate to go with something a bit on the risqué side. If she is a bit more tame and old fashioned, you can still go this route. Just maybe leave the leather and latex options on the shelf and stick with something more classic and universally flattering.

Special Gifts for Special Women

Great gift givers understand they’re not just giving someone an item — they are sending a message. So, more than trying to buy her the perfect “thing” from some store, you want to tell her something.
A gift from the heart — something personally special to just you and her — will always be the best possible gift. But don’t overlook the classic standbys. Flowers and chocolate are the symbols of affection our society has chosen, so giving these sends a very specific message as well. And especially when the time is right, don’t be afraid to spice things up. This may not be second date material, but most women will be excited by a little lingerie — and even expect it as the relationship advances.
In the real world, most women don’t need to be showered with lavish, expensive gifts. Some might even be turned off if you start spending too much. So, then, what do women want? Well, unpacking all of that is a long, perhaps-unanswerable question for another day. But when it comes to receiving gifts, above all else, they want one thing: to know how much you care.