Weekly Playlist: MADDEE

Toronto-based artist MADDEE this week shares her new single “Dry” and it’s giving us strong rainy day drinking a cup of a tea by the fire vibes. In other words, it’s cozy af, smooth and enveloping with subdued horns and twinkling synths.

Taken from the forthcoming debut six-track EP, “Red Mind,” “Dry” finds the 20-year-old artist expanding on her previous sound to introduce a gripping network of jazz-indebted R&B and slap-back electronica.

Thematically, MADDEE’s upcoming “Red Mind” EP deals with the ramifications of a negative relationship and the emotions that MADDEE felt throughout that period, from love to infatuation and naivety. Speaking about ‘Clouds’, which features the co-production of Gray Rowan (Charlotte Day Wilson, The WAYO) and coasts along to the groove of off-kilter percussion and stuttering organs, MADDEE says: “This song was written about getting over an unhealthy relationship. It’s about coming back to myself and my strength.”

We asked MADDEE to put together a playlist of songs she’s currently listening to. Dive in below.

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue

I like this track because every time it comes one it makes me rock my head from side to side and I imagine myself driving on a highway on a sunny day.

DRAM – Sweet Va Breeze

This is another sunny day song. Probably my favourite DRAM track – its just so dreamy and happy.

HOMESHAKE – Another Thing

Probably my favourite track off their new album, its very ‘teen-dreamy’ and I love the way it makes me feel. its nostalgic fun and melancholy all at the same time.

The Miracles – Ain’t Nobody Straight in L.A

I LOVE this song makes me smile and dance every time I listen to it. I love the latin vibe it makes me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere and of course I love how gay it is.

Louie Short ft. Horace – Blue Black Chrome

This is a track by a good friend of mine off his new album and I actually did some back up vocals on it! I loved it the minute he showed me the track and wanted to be a part of it.

Sylvia – Pillow Talk

I love this whole album actually but this is probably one of my favourite tracks.
Sylvia’s voice is so sultry and sexy and you can tell she’s just feeling every word she sings to the fullest.

Young Clancy – Take Me 2

Another amazing new release by a good friend of mine! I’ve been hearing Clancy play this song at shows for a while now and its definitely one of my favs, although I always get down to Young Clancy.

YAW – Where Would You Be

So this is probably my all-time favourite song right now. the writing and instrumentation is just so beautiful I’m so moved by this song every single time i play it. Also I’m pretty sure it’s the only song this guy every really made which Is sort of beautiful it a way, although I could really do with more of him.

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