Weekly Playlist: Kita Menari

Since his near-drowning experience in 2017, Amsterdam based indie pop artist Kita Menari has focused his musical message around peace and positivity. The project of songwriter/producer Micha de Jonge was born out of a “dance with death,” when his oxygen tank jammed in a serene lagoon in Malaysia. After barely making it to the surface in time to survive, de Jonge had an immediate new outlook on the world. Following an all-night celebration of new found life, the young artist woke up to find a handwritten note in his pocket that read “Kita Menari” – “we dance,” in Malay. From that moment on, Kita Menari was his new state of being.

His new single “Into the Dark” is a song about coping with the meaningless, daily standard routines. “I often experience those as the complete absurdity of life,” Menari explains. “But I’ve found that no matter how hard I try to be different, still I’m chained to life’s patterns and cycles. That’s ultimately what the song’s about, trying to change a cycle and realizing how caught up you are in it.”

“Into The Dark” appears on Menari’s forthcoming EP “Dreaming All the Time,” due out November 22nd. Ahead of the EP’s release we asked Menari to put together a playlist of some of his curent favorite songs. Tune in below.

MGMT – Kids

I sometimes ask myself, “if there is a track you wished you could have written what would it be?” It’s a tough question, but ‘Kids’ is probably one of my favourites. I instantly fell in love with this song whilst sitting on the beach with a cocktail in my hand, while people where having fun on the beach. The synth sounds that MGMT use really inspire me.

Parcels – Lightenup

Very vibe-y music, love the high vocals and Pharrell-ish guitar grooves. Love this band and last year we became a little bit of their label family by having our first track signed to Kitsuné.

Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool

Their live set and their music always invite me to dance with such great energy. The name ‘Kita Menari’ literally means ‘We Dance’ in Malaysian. Their percussion, flow, energy and dance-y music is something I always aim for in my music.

Metronomy – Corrinne

This track became my vacation track during a trip to Italy. It’s one of the tracks that would lighten the hangovers in the morning a bit.

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Cocoon

When you’re an addict to the game FIFA, certain songs would appear in your dreams. Cocoon was one of them, and then one day we were asked to play with them at their last European show in Amsterdam. We said “YES” of course :)

Everything Everything – Night Of The Long Knives

With two friends I travelled through South Africa for almost 4 weeks. We drove throughout the whole country and EVERY MORNING, once seated in the car, we started the day with this track! Still love it :)

Asgeir – On That Day

Number one track for me when I’m standing underneath the shower. Feels like standing under a Icelandic water fall while steam fills the room. I guess he stole his voice out of Heaven.

Foals – On The Luna

Next to ‘Albatross’ this my favourite track of the legendary band Foals. I love their guitar sounds and their energy, both on record and live onstage.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand

Berlin is my favourite city in the world. This tracks always takes me there: dancing and dragging myself through the streets in the middle of the night. Always meeting new inspiring people in the weirdest random places ever.

The Tallest Man On Earth – Love Is All

Seeing him play in Paradiso Amsterdam might have been one of the most magical gigs I ever witnessed. Everyone was silenced which is a tough thing to accomplish with people in the Netherlands!

Photo Credit: Rens Polman
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